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About Us

Hamza Kokni


Hamza is a highly experienced manager, a warm people’s person, with advanced problem-solving skills. With a consistent record of managing complex projects of Monarch Group, Hamza is a great leader who motivates and drives Agro Valley Trade House to success in every project.


” What I cherish most about Agro Valley Trade House is the wealth that our projects bring to the community and to our clients. From the first day of planning the project, we wish to re-create the historic Silk Route stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean, traversing Far East, India, Iran, Arabia, Turkey and Italy. We feel that besides the business, we are there for the people that will benefit from our project, both directly and indirectly, starting from our client and its personnel up to the service suppliers and the consumers. 

Welcome to Agro Valley!
a little story about us


Agro Valley Trade House, the subsidiary of HAWZ
Group of Companies, is one of the primary supplier
company based in Nashik, Maharashtra. We specialize
in the supply of agricultural products throughout India
and abroad.
Our procurement team holds years of experience
and expertise in procuring agro produce through
the very source to ensure that our products meet
all the quality standards required by our valued
It is perhaps, the one and only reason we have
become a reliable name all over the country.
Our focused procurement strategy and diversified
connections has enabled us to evolve and grow into
multi product supplying Trade House.
Visit our site for a complete list of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables we are offering.

Management & Operation
As part of our commitment to deliver a quality product, we offer a steady supply of fruits and vegetables to our clients. The management and operational services we offer include the following components:
We are managing the regular supply of Vegetables throughout India.
We are placing full-time managers across the procurement locations.
Issuing reports about the operation.
We are managing sales and accounting.
Procurement, purchase, supply, and logistics of production.
Our team
we are a team
Our team is our most valuable asset. It consists of first-class professional managers with over a decade of cumulative international experience. We have a “One Team” attitude and approach to work. We engage equally and efficiently to deliver the best product to our clients. Although we have a pragmatic drive for action, our policy is also friendly and down to earth. We collaborate with both international organizations and the local communities to achieve the goals of our projects. We care about the relationships we build with our clients and community members just as much as we care about getting things done.
Huzaif Shaikh
Huzaif Shaikh

Senior Director

Over 7 years of experience in procurement,
one of our most valuable assets when it comes
to serving planning the sourcing strategies.

Waqar Shaikh
Waqar Shaikh

Chief Operational Officer

Over 7 years of experience planning
procurement cycle and to make practical
business plans and help take related decisions.

Zaki Patel
Zaki Patel

Senior Consultant

Connecting all the dots, Zaki always
makes sure that everyone and
everything is exactly where it should be.